True Nature Of Love Foundation

Date: October 25th- October 31st, 2022

Algarve, Portugal
Embark on a journey of self-development living a blissful life.

Why join the True Nature Of Love Foundation?

Would you like to wake up every morning feeling fulfilled, at peace, happy, and in union with yourself and everything around you?
Would you like to feel, with complete clarity, that you are perfect just as you are?
Would you like to respond to the soft voice within yourself that affirms that there is more to life?
Are you craving inner healing, body health, and mental growth?

If these concerns tick all your boxes, then you are at the right place.

We aim to connect your inner self with your outer one to enable you to understand yourself and your surroundings in a sounder way. We invite you on a journey of self-exploration as we all unravel ourselves in a new light.

Let’s step out and become the person we’ve always tried to find in others. Be the best version of yourself as you meander through this journey of aligning your mind, body, and soul with us.

Tantra School Of Love intends to enable you to be the best lover of your own life.

If you still think this isn’t the best time to celebrate your individuality, there will never be.

Our Team


Lead Facilitator
(Knowing a person is through expressions and actions, here are some of mine ) I am what I am. I am The art of Be. I am The art of Do. I am The art of Thought. I am The art of Change. I am The art of Silence and being Still. I am The art of feel. I am The art of touch. I am The art of give. I am The art of share. I am The art of love. AND SO ARE YOU


Lead Facilitator
I am a woman who has gone a long way to find out about her sexuality. I share my story and search so that you too can feel deep desire, indescribable bliss, and orgasmic experiences. I started my sex life very closed. I wasn’t even able to have intercourse. However, part of me always knew that I was able to experience at least some pleasure… I


Lead Facilitator
Scarlett is very passionately believes that Tantra Yoga has a major role to play in our lives. “Tantra is the path that enables us to cultivate a sacred relationship with ourself, others, our life and existence itself. Specifically relevant to the time that we live in Tantra Yoga teachings offer us the possibility to radically evolve on many levels.”


Lead Facilitator
Above all, Lotte is a deeply passionate truth seeker. Always driven to dive deeper into the essence of her being, she has cultivated a deep value for radical honesty. Her invitation is to come to explore our true Self beyond all cultural and personal conditioning, or any limiting belief and idea.

Date & Location

Our training takes place in a variety of venues throughout the world. The details for our current retreat, True Nature of Love Foundation, Level 1, are given below.

Date: October 25th- October 31st, 2022

Location: Algarve, Portugal

Venue: Aterra Eco Boutique

Experience a comfortable living with our cozy lounging, magnificient gardens and wholesome organic meals & breathtaking views.
Surround yourself with people and animals. We tempt you to take off your shoes, turn off your technology and tune out!

The Program Structure

During the Foundation workshop, you will participate in the following introductory programs:

  • Tantra philosophy as life path
  • Energy work & the Chakra system
  • Tantra Yoga techniques & practice
  • Various meditation exercises & breath work
  • Tantric Rituals and Ceremonies
  • Ecstatic and Tantric dance
  • Tools to navigate in intimate relating

All of the above-mentioned programs are designed to experience:

  • Awareness of the entire self.
  • Life as a continues bliss.
  • Our body and soul as an endless source of creative energy 
  • Self-analysis with the question
    “Who Am I ?”  “Why i am here ?”

During our program you will be introduced to the significance and the perfection of your senses, mind, sensations, emotions and body.
It will guide you to deepen into the understanding of the essence of the self, experiencing life in a more profound way, to discover the True nature of love.

” There is nowhere to go but in” ( Osho) 

Daily Schedule

07:00 – 07:30     Meditation circle

07:30 – 09:00     Tantra Yoga practice

09:00 – 10:00     Breakfast

10:30 – 12:00     Lectures and practice

12:30 – 14:30     Lunch & Break

14:30 – 17:00     Lectures and practice

17:30 – 19:00     Dinner & rest

19:30 – 21:00     Evening program and Q&A

* Suggested Program and daily schedule is subject to adjustments.

tantra for women

I’ve learned tools that are proven to continue taking me further towards more and more pleasure…. greater freedom to discover what it is I truly desire.

tantra for women

Over the many years of being a personal guide from Offer & following his unique inspiring approach to life, I find that his approach is always in a spirit of exploration & adventure. For me, he is one of the most inspiring guides in a quest for a deeper understanding of energy & consciousness.

tantra training
New York

My Tantra journey is a life-changing experience and has transformed me in ways I had never imagined when I started out.  I am centered and have a deeper  ‘self-understanding’ in all aspects of life.

tantra training

Information & Registration

The Program at Tantra School of Love begins with the attendance of the True Nature Of Love Foundation, Level 1 Retreat where you will be guided and introduced to the core elements of living a blissful tantric life. Upon completion, you will be able to proceed to the next levels and Intensive programs.

Application Requirements for the Retreat

  • Commitment to life as an ongoing evolution.
  • Self-discipline, flexible mind and ability to meditate
  • Comfort with body movements and respectful body contact
  • Ability to understand, speak and read English to a satisfactory degree.
  • No prior experience of any kind is needed.
tantra training



7 days Intensive Retreat Package
  • These prices are all-inclusive. They include tuition, accommodation in shared rooms, and 3 vegetarian meals a day.
    Private accommodation is possible (very limited space), please message us here
  • These prices are per person (travel and flights are not included.
  • Instalments for payments is possible. For details send inquiry.
  • Please contact us if you are under 30 years old and wish to apply for a grant discount, for the different pricing options of our programs
Please Note
  • Nudity and sexual interactions are not part of this foundation course syllabus
  • Singles & couples are welcome to participate.
  • You can schedule a private consultation during the retreat for extra cost.
  • We have limited spaces hence book your place in advance to avoid any inconvenience.
  • We highly recommend that you reserve at least 1 additional free day after the workshop to integrate the experience and re-orient yourself.


    • Your deposit of €250 will be refunded in full in case you will not be accepted to the program for any reason.
    • Once accepted to the program, you are not able to cancel your deposit regardless of whether you paid in one payment or split your payment in a few instalments.
    • You may cancel your registration up to two months before the start of the course and receive a full refund, minus the non-refundable deposit, or you can transfer your tuition to a subsequent training within one year. You will receive half of your tuition fee back if you cancel one month before the start of the course. You will not receive a refund for cancellations made less than one month before the commencement of the course. You will be refunded your entire tuition cost, including the deposit, in the very unlikely event of cancellation of the program.

7 days Intensive Tantra
Retreat in Portugal

  • An extraordinary Tantric training program by our international teachers
  • 7 day residential accomodation
  • 3 healthy & nutritious meals a day
  • Meaningful lectures and exercises
  • Tantric Breathing and meditation practice
  • Energy work and the Chakra system
  • Ecstatic and Tantric dance.
  • Tantra Yoga Practice.
  • Self-exploration practice
  • Tantric Awakening
  • Daily evening activities
  • Question and answer sessions


You need to deposit €250 to secure your place for the retreat after which you will receive a confirmation email which will contain a link to our application form that needs to be submitted right then. Final selection will depend on the content in the application form which will be reviewed through the team.  Incase the form isn’t approved, the deposited amount will be returned in full to the person. Incase of approval, another email will be sent forth with more details on the retreat/dates/location/group size.

When you submit an application for a retreat, your application is reviewed, and then you are sent an email letting you know whether or not you have been accepted for the retreat. 

You have to pay online via PayPal, Debit card or Credit card. Make sure the card information is correct and it is within the expiry otherwise the payment will not be accepted. 

You will be following a daily schedule with multiple experiential and theoretical Tantric programs.   The aforementioned programs are designed for greater self-awareness and self-analysis, living a life as a continues bliss. There will be evening programs, social activities and Q&A session in order to understand everyone’s stories and engage in an open and interactive session. 

Absolutely no experience is necessary in order to apply for the Level 1 Foundation program. Our School believes in giving everybody a fair chance of experiencing things from the scratch and paving way for one’s own adventure as they learn and grow with us.

Comfortable and light clothes would be best for the practice. You’ll need indoor shoes or slippers and good outdoor shoes.
Please bring your own toiletries. Remember to bring any food supplements or medication you regularly take, enough for the length of your stay. Please bring a watch or clock (which is not your mobile phone). Although there are bells to wake you up and mark activities during the day, having your own watch or clock supports you in turning your mobile phone off. All bed linen is provided. Meditation mats, blankets, cushions and benches are also provided, but you are welcome to bring your own if you prefer.
Comfortable cloths for the practice and evening activities. 1-2 pair of white cloths for our special ceremonies.

The beautiful retreat center offers very comfortable high level echo space with bathrooms to be shared with 3 people.

The price contains the full tuition, three vegetarian meals for the day & shared accomodation. Anything apart from this is excluded. 

Click “Talk to us” to get in touch with our representative who can guide you through the relevant steps for that.
All payments must be paid maximum 2 weeks before the start of the program.

If you’re struggling for fulfilment in life and wish to experience life as a continues bliss.

Struggling with your image and confidence. 

Unable to look beyond your imperfections

You are curious and wish to expand your sensual pleasure.

You are in a committed relationship but have lost passion and pleasure.

You have various sexual experiences, but feel, that you haven’t felt deep satisfaction.

You have had emotionally challenging sexual experiences or traumas, and wish to safely reconnect to your body & Intimacy. 



  • Nudity and sexual interactions are not part of this foundation course syllabus
  • Singles & couples are welcome to participate.
  • You can schedule private consultations.
  • Your Tuition and deposit of €250 will be refunded in full in case you will not be accepted to the program for any reason.
  • We highly recommend that you reserve at least 1 additional free day after the retreat to integrate your experience and re-orient yourself.

Send inquiry to info@tantraschooloflove.com. To get in touch with us. click “Talk to us” for instant live chat. 

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