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Life is for Living

( Knowing a person is through his expressions and his actions, here are some of mine )

I am what I am.
I am The art of Be. I am The art of Do. I am The art of Thought.
I am The art of Change. I am The art of Silence and being Still.  I am The art of feel.
I am The art of touch. I am The art of give. I am The art of share. I am The art of love.

We all just visiting this planet
we are here for a glance but for a reason, and what ever we mark in this precious gift that is called our life, is here to stay after us, any of our actions are part of a matrix that creates the ongoing future that has already happened many many times in the past.

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Any one can be anyone,
all it takes is strong will and determination,

while fighting to “kill” the demons of our fears.


Changing and changes are the key for vitality.
Any contemporary thinking or being will finally become a dogma if it isn’t able to change.


I start feeling uncomfortable anytime I start feeling too comfortable,
these are the times when I realize that the time has come to pack and get on the road to the unknown,
to places that I am a stranger, keeping my senses opened & broadening my mind.