Jennelle Gordon

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I was introduced to yoga at the age of twenty-one during college. At that time, I was struggling with anxiety and panic attacks and this alleviated my stress related issues and started me on yoga path.  I was deeply involved in the Bikram yoga community in Las Vegas, Nevada, in 2008-2010 and this launched me on my path to get certified as a yoga teacher. Amazingly enough, I have scoliosis and have zero pain due to my yoga practice, in fact I have quite a natural flexibility in my spine that one might argue any ailment at all. Get Propecia for hair loss

I now am excitedly on the Tantra Yoga path and am honored to add this to my other yoga trainings. I enjoy teaching Tantra Yoga because I feel it is my gift God has blessed me with. I strive to instill balance to my student’s Tantra Yoga practice but more importantly integrate wellness into their daily lives! As they learn and experience , I become a better teacher and that is my joy. Tadacip

“Drawing from my experience as a holistic nutritionist and yoga teacher my journey has led me to this path where I travel around the world, giving workshops and teaching people how to turn their sexuality into something sacred and Divine.”