True Nature Of Love Foundation


23rd September - 29th September, 2023

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Program Introduction

The True Nature of Love Level 1 Foundation, an in-depth program, is designed to open the door for you to walk in and start a life-changing blissful journey. The program is a rich, practical experience based on the field of spirituality, conscious living, conscious love, meditation, and energy; The invitation to step into the heart-based tantric path is for everyone, any age or gender, whether single or in a relationship. Using our unique method of studying and practicing Tantra will allow you to discover your path in this world that says a big “YES” to experience life at its richest potential. This program will be a journey into the depth of your being. Together we will embark on a quest to unite heart and mind, body and soul, and spirituality.

Why join the True Nature of Love ?

  • Receive a comprehensive, thorough, integrated emotional, relational and sensual education.
  • Learn how to receive and share the heart-based love you have been chasing.
  • Discover the true nature of bodily energy and how you can harvest that as the source of your creativity and power.
  • Shift your relationships from fear to trust by exploring your deepest longings around intimacy, love, and partnership.
  • Experience what it means to be held within a loving tribe. Bringing our most isolated parts back into connection. 
  • Deepen your experience of intimacy, connection, and creative life force through self-awareness and trust.
  • Learn what it means to be a whole human being. To welcome all of you in heart, body, and soul. Transform your fear, shame, and conditionings around who you are as a being, and step into your greatness.

Lead Facilitators

Offer Kohen

Offer is the founder of Tantra School of Love and OmidLife.com, on a life mission to impact the world positively. "Walking the Talk" integrates a rich journey as an artist, film director, dedicated world traveler & entrepreneur, with over 25 years of experience deepening in Vipassana meditation, Classic & Contemporary Tantra, Ecstatic dance, Medicine & Energy Work, embodying a framework that is deeply heart-based, tuning back to our body & heart. His radiant presence & natural leadership brought many who crossed his path to dare & make a radical change, find inner Freedom & redeem their full potential.

Lotte Ritzer

Lotte is the co-founder of Tantra School of Love. Above all, she is a profoundly passionate truth seeker. Always driven to dive deeper into the essence of her being, she has cultivated a deep value for radical honesty. Her invitation is to come to explore our true Selves beyond all cultural and personal conditioning or any limiting beliefs and idea. Lotte has a rich background in body-mind practices rooted in ancient traditions (Yoga, Buddhism, Tantra, Ayurveda, and non-duality), contemporary dance techniques, and somatic and social psychology. Her theoretical understanding is fuelled by her MSc in Cultural Anthropology and Sociology of Non-Western Societies.

The Program Structure

During the Foundation workshop, you will participate in the following introductory programs:

  • Tantra philosophy as life path
  • Energy work & the Chakra system
  • Tantra Yoga techniques & practice
  • Various meditation exercises & breath work
  • Tantric Rituals and Ceremonies
  • Ecstatic dance and Conscious Movement
  • Tools to navigate in intimate relating

All of the above-mentioned programs are designed to experience:

  • Awareness of the entire self.
  • Life is a continuous bliss.
  • Our body and soul as an endless source of creative energy 
  • Self-analysis with the question
    “Who Am I ?”  “Why i am here ?”

During our program, you will be introduced to the significance and the perfection of your senses, mind, sensations, emotions, and body.

It will guide you to deepen into the understanding of the essence of the self, experiencing life in a more profound way, to discover the True nature of love.

Daily Schedule

08:00 – 08:30     Meditation circle

08:30 – 10:00     Tantra Yoga practice

10:00 – 11:30     Breakfast and Free time

11:30 – 13:00     Lectures and practice

13:00 – 15:30     Lunch & Break

15:30 – 17:30     Lectures and practice

17:30 – 19:00     Dinner & rest

19:00 – 21:00     Evening program and Q&A

* Suggested Program and daily schedule is subject to adjustments.

Portugal 2023


Aterra Eco Boutique is an uncrowded and peaceful haven for enthusiastic vacation lovers. It is known for its infusion of nature and nurture, people and places, animals, arts, and beauty. This eco-friendly resort on a lush property is 15 kilometers from the  Zambujeira Beach and Parque Natural do Sudoeste Alentejano e Costa Vicentina. The venue is an ideal retreat centre to experience Portugal’s beaches and natural beauty whilst enjoying the program, daily activities, comfort and pampering offered by our team. Wake up to the sound of birds chirping and trees rustling to the rhythm of the wind. 

Additional activities:  Looking for some additional fun? There’s plenty of opportunity for horse riding, kayaking, canoeing, hiking, swimming, cycling, and exploring the amazing surrounding nature before and after the training. A massage therapist is also available on-site.


Top Amenities

What’s not included?


Stay in luxurious Rajasthani tents and tipis amidst pure nature, beauty, and tranquility. Accommodations offer free Wi-Fi and shared, shower-only bathrooms with solar-heated water and dry compost toilets. Some accommodations have private bathrooms. There is also a wood-paneled cottage with a washing machine, a kitchen, and tea and coffee-making equipment. Other amenities include a restaurant, an airport shuttle, and massage services, plus a bar, barbecue facilities, a playground, and a private beach.


Early Bird

starting from

Normal Pricing

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Under 25 years grant

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Travel Info

PlaneThe closest international airport to the retreat center is Faro Airport (110 km). Faro Airport is a 1.5-hour drive away. An airport shuttle service is available upon request and the campsite offers free private parking. 

What's Included?

  • 7 days Retreat, 6 nights accommodation.
  • 3 healthy and nutritious meals a day:  Breakfast, lunch, snacks & drinks, and dinner. Dietary options: Organic, Ayurvedic, and vegetarian.
  • Tantra yoga practice
  • Tantric breathing and meditation practice
  • Energy work and the chakra system
  • Meaningful lectures and exercises.
  • Ecstatic and Tantric dance.
  • Self-exploration practice.
  • Tantric awakening.
  • Daily evening activities.
  • Question and answer sessions.
  • Unlimited spring water, Herbal Tea, and Fruits.
  • Small groups to ensure the best experience.
  • Fast email response, support, and organization.
  • Joining a growing international community of like-minded dedicated to growth.


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I feel truly supported, accepted, loved, and respected by my partner for the first time in 20 years. I went from avoiding him to missing him and finding opportunities to spend time with him. That’s HUGE. I made a new best friend, thank you, Nathan.I feel truly supported, accepted, loved, and respected by my partner for the first time in 20 years. I went from avoiding him to missing him and finding opportunities to spend time with him. That’s HUGE. I made a new best friend, thank you, Nathan.
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I wish I could explain how I felt at that moment. It felt like my emotional baggage finally snapped open and all my feelings came pouring down uncontrollably. I had witnessed an awakening, a rejuvenation. It was an extraordinary feeling because I felt like I had shed my past off of my skin- all the hurt, shame, fear, sorrow, and hopelessness was scrapped off me.
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I find that as a couple we've become more honest and open. Things have started to flow between us. I am much more relaxed and expressive about my thoughts and feelings and explaining to my husband how his words and actions affect me, he is more receptive and honest in expressing herself. We are more accepting of our individuality and what we both bring to our relationship. Most importantly we both “own our own shit”.

Portugal Foundation 2023

23rd September - 29th September, 2023
1040 Starting price
  • 7 days Tantra Retreat
  • 3 healthy and nutritious meals a day
  • Tantra courses and practices
  • Daily activities
  • Q/A sessions

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