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Want a taste of Tantra?
Join our introduction workshop
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Looking to deepen your relationship with your partner?

Our Conscious Couples workshop explores the landscape of Intimacy, Tantra and Love

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Ready to embark on a journey of profound spiritual awakening?

Reserve your spot at the True Nature of Love Foundation Retreats

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Longing to reignite the flame of passion with your partner?

Our Coupes Retreat is perfect for all couples seeking to deepen their connection on all levels—physical, emotional, and spiritual

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Tantra School of Love

The mission of Tantra School of Love is to be an ambassador of love and spread the True Nature of Love throughout the world. We aim to bring you out the concept of love as more than an emotion; we help you seek answers that heal and transform you. We stimulate the awakening within you as you navigate your inner boundaries and discover yourself. We celebrate your individuality as a real man and woman who complete their rite of passage and achieve their authentic identity.

Love is one of the most profound explorations in human history. And in particular, it is vital to our modern lives. If you think you heard your call from deep within, then join us to be a part of this change and spread the True Nature of Love so we can all become the best lovers of our own life.

Tantra School of Love Foundation Retreats

The True Nature of Love Foundation is a rich, practical experience based on the field of spirituality, conscious living, conscious love, meditation, and energy; The invitation to step into the heart-based tantric path is for everyone, any age or gender, whether single or in a relationship.

Couples Retreats

A transformative tantra program designed to rekindle the spark and deepen the connection and intimacy in your relationship. If you and your partner are seeking to reignite the flame, nurture intimacy, and create a more profound bond, this immersive retreat is tailored just for you.

Conscious Couples Workshops

An introduction workshop to explore the landscape of Intimacy, Tantra and Love. This workshop is designed as an easy access point into the Tantra School of Love Couples Immersion Programs. It will be a beautiful introduction into the core pillars of our platform, and a way to experience what it’s like to be held by a loving community.

Taste of Tantra Workshops

An introduction workshop into the heart of your being, designed as an easy access point into the Tantra School of Love Foundation Retreat Programs. It will be a beautiful introduction into the core pillars of our platform, and a way to experience what it’s like to be held by a loving community.

A Glimpse into our world

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1 Year Couples Intensive

Discover the power of intimacy, connection, and personal development. Experience a profound transformation in your relationship dynamics as you explore and heal together. By dedicating time to explore emotional intimacy, spiritual connection, and tantric practices, you and your partner will deepen your bond and strengthen your foundation.

Immerse yourselves in workshops tailored for couples, designed to enhance sensuality, emotional intelligence, and communication. Explore the depths of love, sensuality, and sexuality to reignite passion at your core.

Are you ready to take your relationship to the level it deserves?

Lead Facilitators


Omid Offer

Offer is the founder of Tantra School of Love and His radiant presence & natural leadership brought many who crossed his path to dare & make a radical change, find inner Freedom & redeem their full potential.

Lotte Ritzer

Lotte is the co-founder of Tantra School of Love. She is a profoundly passionate truth seeker. Always driven to dive deeper into the essence of her being, she has cultivated a deep value for radical honesty. Her invitation is to come to explore our true Selves beyond all cultural and personal conditioning.

tantra instructor

Karolin Tsarski

Karolin is woman who has gone a long way to find out about her sexuality. She shares her story and search to bring out the deep desire, indescribable bliss, and orgasmic experiences within the listener.

tantra for women

Scarlett Dee

Scarlett has been a yoga practitioner for more than 20 years and sharing her experience of yoga in many of its various forms with students for over 15 years. Her teaching style for asana originates from her years of study and training in Ashtanga and Dynamic yoga.

Roi Sham

Roi is leading men circles, courses, retreats and giving personal sessions in Israel and around the world. The essence of sacred sexuality, healthy masculinity, healing and opening into presence is part of the reach teachings he is offering in his journeys.


Tantra School of Love Playlist

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Tantra is a holistic spiritual practice that embraces sacred sexuality, mindfulness, and spiritual connection. It involves various techniques to explore the union of body, mind, and spirit, fostering a deeper connection within oneself and with others.

Tantra enhances intimacy, communication, and emotional connection between partners. It provides tools to deepen trust, explore sensuality, and promote a harmonious relationship.

While Tantra incorporates sexual energy, it encompasses more than just physical intimacy. It involves mindfulness, spiritual growth, and emotional connection, nurturing a holistic approach to life and relationships.

Anyone interested in personal growth, spiritual development, and enhancing intimacy can practice Tantra. It is open to individuals, couples, or groups seeking deeper connections and personal transformation.

Tantra workshops and retreats offer a blend of meditation, mindful practices, sacred rituals, and teachings to explore oneself, intimacy, sensuality, and conscious relationships. Participants engage in exercises to deepen connection and understanding. 

Yes, Tantra School of Love welcomes beginners and experienced practitioners alike. Our programs cater to individuals and couples seeking to explore Tantra’s principles and practices at any level.

Tantra can enhance self-awareness, confidence, and emotional well-being. It can transform relationships by fostering deeper connections, better communication, and a more profound sense of intimacy.

Yes, we are working to launch our online courses that will cover various aspects of Tantra, providing accessible learning opportunities for those unable to attend in-person workshops or retreats.

The duration varies, ranging from short introductory 4 hour long workshops to more extensive 7 days retreats and 1 Year intensive programs based on your commitment.

To join our programs, you can explore our website for upcoming events, workshops, or retreats. Register online or contact us for further information and bookings.

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