Everybody needs a break from the daily grind. These routines are important and give us meaning in our lives, but eventually, you start to feel worn out and need some downtime to unwind and rejuvenate.  The first thing that comes to mind when we mention break is holidays. Nevertheless, our holidays are also the same. […]

tantra relationship

The term burnout refers to a state of tiredness, declining motivation, and lack of interest in a once-engaging activity. It can happen in a person’s professional life or in relationships. It is the feeling of frustration, pessimism, and tiredness when you feel like you’re exerting all of your effort in vain. Burnout is a significant

We all have different relationships, and each relationship is different. Relationships are based on honesty, trust, respect, and open communication between partners, and they take effort and compromise from both parties.  So what is a healthy relationship?  A relationship becomes healthy when there are no differences and an imbalance of power. A key to healthy

The practice of Tantra Yoga combines the practices of Yoga and meditation. We can transform our relationships with others through Tantra, and we can discover the meaning of life. With Tantra Yoga, you become the best lover of your own life. Basically, Tantra is a Yoga method that integrates many different techniques to explore the

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