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Awaken Your Inner Connection: Dive Into Our Personalised Tantra Online Courses

Conscious Communication

In this course learn the ability to communicate clearly and understand “what you want from your relationship” and “what is important to you”.

Awakening Female Bliss

8-week engaging course with 2 live online masterclasses with tantric expert Karolin.

Intimate Couples Exercises

This course entails fun love making practices and exercises to deepen the physical and emotional connection in your relationship.

Yoni Yoga

This course explores Yoni yoga as a type of yoga that helps practitioners connect with their intimate parts and with their wombs.

Deepening Into Intimacy

Enhance your connection, ignite passion, and explore the art of profound closeness.

Bedroom Secrets

This course is specially designed for women who want to reignite their feminine energy.

Open your Heart

This course explores female pleasure; a connection that stems from the heart to the essence.

The Tantric Women

Unleash your feminine power & a guide to practice love rituals.

Tantra Yoga

This course identifies the body's divine energies and channels their power in your spiritual and physical growth.

Rituals for Conscious Living

This course consists of 2 episodes on how to spiritualise your everyday living with simple rituals to center, balance, and open the heart.

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