Aterra Eco Boutique

São Teotónio, Portugal

Option 1: Local residents (no accommodation)

Simplicity at Its Finest: Discover our budget-friendly option for locals in Portugal who live close by and prefer to immerse themselves in the retreat’s essence without the need for accommodations. Join us and unlock a serene escape for the soul.

Option 2: Private Tent/ Camper

Embrace the Great Outdoors: Unwind and reconnect with nature at our retreat, bring your own tent/camper for the ultimate outdoor experience.   This is for anyone who wishes to bring their own tent/camp and not opt for the retreat accommodation. 

Option 3 - Shared Room

Indulge your senses as you retreat to this hidden treasure up in the forest. This secluded chalet gives you a feel of sustainable living in a natural building where you can feel and smell the wood and cork surrounding you. The beds are comfortable, with warm feather duvets and pillows, creating feeling of home away from home.

Option 4: Couples Deluxe
€3360 (price for 2) - only 2 units available

Perfect for those looking for a romantic experience. These Balinese looking huts feel airy and light with their high triangular bamboo roofs and large glass windows looking out to the forest.

*The deposit for couples package is $1000 and the price is for 2 people. For booking please click on the couples button to proceed with payment. 

For room upgradation/ bookings/ queries email us at