What is Tantra Yoga? What do you need to know about it?

The practice of Tantra Yoga combines the practices of Yoga and meditation. We can transform our relationships with others through Tantra, and we can discover the meaning of life. With Tantra Yoga, you become the best lover of your own life.

Basically, Tantra is a Yoga method that integrates many different techniques to explore the inner universe through our human body, including mantra meditation, visualization, mudras, pranayama, and initiation. Tantric practices and ceremonies emphasize the cultivation and development of Kundalini energy.  Activating the kundalini energy will move it up to the chakras until it reaches the crown chakra, which will create enlightenment.

Using Tantra, one can work on self-mastery to let go of scars and ego and be free. 

What is Tantra Yoga?

Tantra means “loom, warp, weave” in Sanskrit, but it is also known as “text, theory, system, method, instrument, technique, or practice” in Indian culture. At the same time, Yoga means “oneness” in Sanskrit and refers to any activity that brings you closer to yourself. Hence, Tantra yoga combines several yogic and contemplative techniques to help you gain a deep awareness of yourself to know about yourself and love yourself.

Tantra yoga may comprise the following:

  1. Yoga positions with chanting and breathwork
  2. Meditation
  3. Yoga for working on chakras.
  4. You can learn Tantra without a partner, without physical intimacy, or even by yourself.

What are the Benefits of Tantra Yoga?

In two words, spiritual liberation is achieved. In Tantra Yoga, we focus on our breath, embracing ourselves, and loving our bodies.

Experts believe you can reap the following benefits from practicing tantra yoga daily:

  • lessened anxiety, despair, or stress
  • Better self-awareness 
  • Improved sleep quality
  • Raised confidence and performance
  • Improves overall quality of life, expanded intimacy capacity
  • Tantra Yoga can help you achieve the lifestyle you’ve always desired.
  • Deepen your relationship with your partner by assisting you in unplugging and increasing your flexibility.
  • Provide mental clarity by awakening your spiritual side

What are the Techniques of Tantra Yoga?

The Tantra techniques typically involve bonding twice a day so that you can increase your love.

We sometimes come home exhausted and irritable, wake up on the wrong side of the bed, or don’t get along with our partners.

  • Nurturing Meditation 

A traditional spooning stance is just right for this activity. Energy flow theory suggests you should be on your left side. It would help if you decided which of you requires the most care. Assume it is the lady. At the same time, the man should encircle the female and align his chakras with hers: they connect heart center to heart center, belly center to belly center, and so on, since the person in the back will be the giver, even though both of you will rebalance your energy throughout the activity.

Both partners should utilize pillows to raise their heads, necks, and shoulders high enough for the male to slip his left arm under the woman’s neck and place his hand softly on her third eye chakra or crown chakra at the top of her head. With his hand over her heart, the man’s right arm should cradle the woman, and rest her hand on top of his. Start synchronizing your breath with your partner’s: inhale together, pause together, exhale together, and pause again. 

You can utilize this technique to charge each chakra when you’re ready independently. 

  • Yab-Yum

In a cross-legged position, the female sits on his upper thighs with her ankles crossed behind his back, while the male sits in his cross-legged position. This is a standard Tantric sex position because it enhances mindful awareness, aligns the couples’ chakras, allows them to breathe one another’s breath, and will enable them to gaze into one another’s eyes or touch their brows together.

  • Hand on Heart

In this position, sit comfortably, cross-legged, facing your partner. Your right hand is placed on your partner’s heart chakra, and your left hand is placed on top of your partner’s right hand. Pay attention to your heart: first, your physical heart, then the emotion and energy of your heart chakra. Close your eyes and concentrate on the connection between your heart and your partner’s hand, or stare into each other’s eyes or engage in the

Know yourself better and improve your way of living with Tantra intensive training.

Some of the Poses of Tantra Yoga

In ancient Hindu texts, a guidebook offers a variety of sexual positions to assist couples in practicing Tantra Yoga. Start at your own pace, explain your various flexibility and endurance levels, and most importantly, practice prolonged eye contact, nonverbal touch, and pleasant thoughts about each other. Here are some poses of Tantra Yoga.

  •  Boat Pose

This pose utilizes the core muscles, lower back, and abdominals and is a pleasant way to build and stretch the body. Sitting on a soft floor, face each other. Outside your legs, reach for each other’s hands and maintain eye contact. Connect with your partner by pressing the soles of your feet against your partner’s while bending your knees. Try straightening your legs and moving them upward while maintaining your feet’s soles linked. Depending on your flexibility and comfort level, you can adapt this pose. Concentrate on the sense of touch and eye contact. 

  • Dancer Pose

The emphasis in this stance is on balance, touch, and eye contact. It gives me the impression that I’m dancing with my beloved, which I enjoy. Begin by standing in front of each other and facing each other. Take one of your partner’s hands in yours. Then reach for your ankle or shin with your other hand. Slowly and gradually raise your leg behind you, leaning your upper body towards your partner while maintaining eye contact. If you’re having trouble keeping your balance, have one partner do the posture while the other holds their hand and upper arm (to assist with credit).

  • Seated Twist

Use Seated Spinal Twist to warm up the spine and enhance your flexibility and connection to one another. Sit with your knees touching each other in a comfortable seated position. Sit straight with your chest, shoulders back, and chin pointing down to the sky. Place your left arm behind your back and extend your right arm out. Do the same with your partner. With your right hand, take your partner’s left hand in yours while offering your left hand to their right. This way, you’ll twist your bodies to make room for one another.

As you and your partner are comfortable, twist as far as you both feel comfortable; your partner must twist deeper if you twist farther. At all times, maintain continual communication. Switch sides and repeat after a few minutes.

Wrapping Up:

Start living your tantric life with the Tantra school of love. With Tantra Yoga Living, you will become empowered and transformed into the True Nature of Love.

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