1 Year Couples Intensive

Are you ready to embark on a deep and sensual journey with your partner?

Join now to become a tantric couple and deepen your bond.

Are you ready to take your relationship to the level it deserves?

Discover the power of intimacy, connection, and personal development. Experience a profound transformation in your relationship dynamics as you explore and heal together. By dedicating time to explore emotional intimacy, spiritual connection, and tantric practices, you and your partner will deepen your bond and strengthen your foundation.

Immerse yourselves in profound in depth program tailored for couples, designed to enhance sensuality, emotional intelligence, and communication. Explore the depths of love, sensuality, and sexuality to reignite passion at your core.

This comprehensive program provides a fertile ground for couples to explore, heal, and evolve together. Elevate your relationship and cultivate a lasting connection that blossoms into a life long journey of shared growth and pleasure.


The Foundation | The Soul | The Core of a relationship

Why Choose Our Program?

Experience the magic of this immersive year-long journey tailored for committed couples seeking to strengthen their relationship, enhance intimacy, and deepen their spiritual connection.

This intensive program is for you if you feel any of the following:

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Course Structure

Month 1-3: Immersion Phase

Month 1: Introduction to Tantra & Relationship Dynamics

Month 2: Deepening Connection

Month 3: Building Blocks for Lasting Connection

In this foundational phase, delve as a couple into the essence of Tantra and relationship dynamics. Discover the building blocks of emotional intimacy, enhance communication skills, and nurture a deeper connection with your partner. Through immersive exercises and personalised sessions, embody of a strong foundation for lasting stable loving relation.

1 Year Couples Intensive begins on 23rd August with COUPLES IMMERSION Retreat as the starting point for Phase 1

Month 4-6: Growth & Expansion Phase

Month 4: Embodying Tantra in Daily Life

Month 5: Advanced Practices & Techniques

Month 6: Retreat & Immersive Experience

Expand your understanding and experience of Tantra as a full embodied energetic life style system, in a beautiful retreat environoment. Deepen your exploration of love and connection through transformative practices. Cultivate emotional intelligence, explore the realms of intimacy, and expand your interpersonal skills. Engage in sacred rituals and workshops tailored to elevate your relationship to new heights.

Phase 2 of the 1 Year Intensive for Couples includes participation in the COUPLES EXPANSION Retreat

Month 7 - 9: Deepening Connection Phase

Month 7: Exploring Intimacy

Month 8: Advanced Tantric Practices

Month 9: Refinement & Assessment

Dive deeper into the core of your relationship as you explore heightened intimacy, enhanced communication, and a more profound understanding of each other. Discover new dimensions of trust, emotional closeness, and spiritual resonance, fostering a bond that goes beyond the surface. Through personalized sessions and immersive exercises, this phase is designed to nurture and fortify the special connection you share with your partner

Month 10 - 12: Celebration of Love Phase

Month 10: Honoring Love & Union

Month 11: Deepening Spiritual Connection

Month 12: Culmination & Future Plans

The culmination of your journey brings for an immersive experience celebrating love in its purest form. Unveil the secrets of lasting love and heightened intimacy. Discover advanced tantric practices, deepen your spiritual connection with your partner, and learn how to sustain a harmonious and passionate life long lasting relationship.

Phase 4 of the 1 Year Intensive for Couples includes participation in the LOVERS Retreat

Throughout the 1 year intensive program, engage in:

  • Heart-opening practices
  • Deep emotional connection on-site Retreats
  • Relationship-enhancing of-site live group sessions
  • Intimacy building rituals and exercises
  • Personalised coaching sessions and 1:1 Couples Mentorship
  • Private online support Group

This program is crafted to bring you and your partner closer, fostering a deeper, more meaningful connection that lasts a lifetime.

Program Starting Dates

Unveiling the Lessons Within


1 Year Couples Intensive Package

7500 price per person
  • 3 Couples Intensive Retreats
  • Free Subscription to our online platform
  • Monthly 1:1 Private Consultation
  • Unlimited online support group
  • Live Zoom group video calls and Masterclasses
  • Instalment plan

Spaces are limited. First come first serve basis

Payment Plans
Flexible Instalment plans are available on request.

For Queries
Reach out to us at info@tantraschooloflove.com

Cancellation Policy
No cancellation or refunds are offered on the 1 Year Couples Intensive. Please visit our terms and conditions for more information.

Ignite Intimacy: Unveiling the Power of the 1 Year Couples Intensive


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